As part of an international day of protest against 5G Kingstonians for Safe Technology invite you to a vigil against 5G.

WHEN?  Saturday, January 25, 2020  from  10 – 11 am

WHERE?  Market Square behind Kingston City Hall

This demonstration is one of at least 15 other events in Canadian cities and hundreds more in over thirty countries.

We are gathering to add our voices to the growing opposition to the forced roll-out of 5G technology (5th Generation wireless networks) and demand communication technologies that are harmless to humans and nature. 5G threatens our health, privacy and security, and property values. It threatens our ecosystems and efforts to combat climate change.

  • 5G will require millions of new small cell (or micro-cell) antennas, sometimes just a few meters away from our homes, workplaces and schools.In addition, there are plans to launch tens of thousands of 5G satellites to support the new 5G network.
  • There has been zero pre-market safety testing on 5G and we have no reason to believe it is safe.
  • Hundreds of scientists claim that this would be an unprecedented experiment on humans, involving too many health risks, and too many threats to the fauna and flora.
  • Swiss Re, the second-largest re-insurance company in the world, called 5G a “high impact” liability risk due to health risks in its 2019 SONAR emerging risks report.

This project is excessive and unacceptable!

In Kingston, about 45 small cells have already been installed as a part of the 5G infrastructure. We have not been properly consulted nor informed of the risk.

Our petition to stop 5G in Kingston has already achieved about 800 signatures. (We have both a paper petition with over 800 signatures and an online petition with more.) Clearly people in our communities are concerned; this video that we posted on January 11 was viewed 15,000 in one week.

The event will be cancelled in the event of extreme weather. Visit this Facebook page or check our Twitter feed (@Kingston4ST) to see if it has been cancelled.

We’ve Launched a Petition! Stop 5G in Kingston.

Please sign and share our petition to stop 5G and “small cell antenna” installations in Kingston.

We have both a digital petition and a paper petition. If you would like a copy of the paper petition to sign and share, you can download it below.