Write a Letter! Express Your Concern About 5G Coming to Kingston

Read or scroll to the bottom for contact information for local politicians and Public Health officials.

5G, the 5th Generation Wireless System, is coming to a lamppost/utility pole near you via “small cell antennas”. This will add another layer of wireless radiation to our already compromised environment. Eventually, 5G will utilize considerably higher frequency millimeter waves. Scientists and doctors throughout the world have warned of the serious health risks of wireless radiation such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, infertility, memory problems, sleep-disorders and birth defects. Our children, pregnant women, the elderly and the immune compromised are most at risk. 

There is no scientific evidence to support any claim of safety for 5G. Citizens have the right to know if this technology is safe before it is installed where we live. Take a moment to watch this 5 minute video of US Senator Blumenthal raising concerns about 5G wireless technology health risks at a recent Senate hearing.

In Kingston right now, small cell antennas are being installed on lampposts and utility poles without our approval and with no warning, whatsoever. Where are they being installed?

  • Downtown (Princess St, Brock St, King St E, Clarence St)
  • Queen’s University campus/residential area (Albert St, University Av, Frontenac St, Earl St, Union St)
  • Cataraqui Woods area—new Woodhaven subdivision.

Small cell antennas can be found on a cell phone tower map here. They are distinguished by their close proximity and by their height – from about 3-10 meters off the ground. They are operating on 4G frequencies, but are part of the 5G infrastructure. For more information about small cells, visit this website which is attempting to track the roll-out of 5G in Canada. You can also visit the Kingstonians for Safe Technology website: K4ST.ca.

The photo above is of a recently installed small cell at Kingston Street and Clarence Street.

If there is a health concern with wireless technologies, one would hope that citizens could look to Public Health and government officials for help on this issue. Unfortunately, the Public Health agencies at all jurisdiction levels are extremely unlikely to admit there is a problem despite thousands of studies pointing to harm. This is because of LIABILITY. If they crack, they open themselves up to massive liability for which no one is insured. Electromagnetic field insurance policy exclusions are the industry standard due to the high risk that they pose. EMFs are classified as a “pollutant” alongside smoke, certain chemicals and asbestos. Source

In Kingston and surrounding area, the KFL&A Public Health have now received more than 30 letters from informed and concerned citizens. Public Health has responded with a form letter meant to reassure citizens that there is no reason for concern. Thankfully, the public is waking up and citizens are not buying it. People are organizing and mobilizing all over the world to stop 5G until it is proven safe. For resources and information please see:






There are solutions. Fiber optic networks are now being installed as the backbone of the 5G infrastructure. A much safer, more energy efficient, faster, reliable and cyber-secure alternative to wireless networks is wired networks.  Instead of terminating the fibre-optic cable at the street and broadcasting to our homes, we must insist that the fibre-optic cable be brought to our home where we can have individual choice about how to distribute it inside our homes. Read “Re-Inventing Wires: The Future of Landlines and Networks,” by the National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy. Also, visit Connected-Communities.ca for action kits and solutions for governments. Kingston seems uniquely poised for a fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) infrastructure with Utilities Kingston owning 1000 km of fibre-optic network in the City of Kingston.

The staff at the City of Kingston are responding to citizens’ concerns saying that the City has no say in the installation of small cell antennas because it is a federal initiative and telecoms do not have to ask for permission to install their infrastructure. Yet, the City of Kingston is engaging in contracts with service providers, such as Bell. By the very definition of a legal contract, this requires both parties to negotiate terms of the contract with full disclosure of the details. A contract in which one party has no say is not a legal binding contract. We need to ask why we weren’t consulted and what is the agreement so far with Bell? Bell must have the City’s approval for use of its property (utility poles and lampposts). What does that agreement entail? Globally, telecoms are trying to transfer liability to governments, including municipalities. We need to know: who holds the liability for future claims of harm to health and property value?

Please help us raise our voices and stand up against untested technologies being installed in front of our homes and workplaces without any local say. Write to local, provincial, and federal elected officials.

We urge you to write letters to ALL your elected representatives, the KFL&A Public Health. For Kingston and the Islands, they are listed below.

For a downloadable file listing all the local politicians, including all the City Councillors, please click on the button for PDF or Word version.

You can also just cut and paste this list of emails which will include everyone mentioned and Lanie Hurdle, Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Kingston:

lhurdle@cityofkingston.ca; mayor&council@cityofkingston.ca; kieran.moore@kflaph.ca; edward.gardner@kflaph.ca; IArthur-CO@ndp.on.ca; RHillier-CO@ola.org; mark.gerretsen@parl.gc.ca; scott.reid@parl.gc.ca

Canadian/Federal representative for Kingston and the Islands: MP Mark GerretsenWebsite here

Canadian/Federal representative for Lanark, Frontenac, Kingston: MP Scott ReidWebsite here

Ontario/Provincial representative for Kingston and the Islands : MPP Ian Arthur Website here

Ontario/Provincial representative for Lanark, Frontenac, Kingston: MPP Randy HillierWebsite here

City of Kingston: Mayor Brian Paterson and all the Councillors are found here

Kingston Frontenac Lennox and Addington (KFL&A)Public Health: Website here

Medical Officer of Health: Kieran Moore

Director, Infectious Disease Prevention & Environmental Health Division: Edward Gardner

KFL&A Board Members found here

MORE! We have a Federal election coming up in October. Let the candidates know you are concerned! For Kingston and the Islands, they are:

New Democrats (NDP) – Barrington Walker

Greens (GPC) – Candice Christmas

Conservatives (CPC) – Ruslan Yakoviychuk

People’s Party (PPC) – Andy Brooke

Liberals (LPC) – Mark Gerretsen

Thank you for taking action! Together we can make a difference!